There is a list of valid reasons why you should choose US Probox

Why Choose US Probox?
  • Make purchases from any online store in the US using your new USA address. Make purchases and receive them in a virtual postal address at the warehouse of one of our private shipping companies..

  • Buy branded products directly from the US. Keep in mind that many stores sell their products only in the US market, so we can always help you bypass this..

  • Buy items at the final sales and take advantage of special offers. Don’t buy your favorite brand products at inflated prices. Get access to real prices and save on costs..

  • Save even more by combining your parcels. Order from various stores. Your purchases will be delivered to your new US address. We will gladly combine your orders into one and ship to you. .

  • Save 40%-80% on international shipping. We deliver thousands of parcels and so do receive large wholesale shipping discounts from shipping companies. This is the reason why we are able to offer the most favorable shipping conditions to our customers..

  • Select a shipping company, the services, and delivery date. Choose from FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS. Your parcel will be delivered by the method you chose and within your chosen dates..

  • Track and manage your parcel, ship them out from any desired location. Our secure mail management app is accessible from any location where there is Internet access..

  • Add the names of recipients and your parcels will be delivered to multiple addresses. Share with your friends and family the benefits of using a USA shipping address..

  • We can make your shopping more convenient! Maybe your favorite store doesn’t accept your credit/debit card? No problem! Our personal shopping assistant will shop for you in accordance with your instructions..

  • Receive, view and forward your parcels and mails from the US. Receive and view your bank and credit/debit card statements. We provide mailbox services in the United States for a monthly subscription fee of $8.50 .